Project Description

Funding support of teen mental health services for all high school students within the District in partnership with San Mateo Union High School District and Stanford’s Center for Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing.


Teen Mental Health Project

The District is committed to addressing the unprecedented youth mental health needs facing young people.

Our investments in programs, services, and projects aim to:

  • Improve the system of care for youth and young adults
  • Remove barriers to accessing mental health services and supports
  • Improve early identification of mental health diagnosis
  • Reduce stigma surrounding mental health
  • Ensure youth/young adult voice are at the forefront of program development, implementation and ongoing program delivery

Below are examples of programs and District investments that address youth mental health needs in the community:

Teen Mental Health Project – Partnership with San Mateo Union High School District and Stanford Center for Youth and Mental Health and Well-being

The Peninsula Health Care District Board of Directors partnered with San Mateo Union High School District and Stanford’s Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing Center from 2016-2019 to develop and launch a school-based teen mental health model that:

  1. Identified problems early
  2. Got students needed help promptly
  3. Improved coordination between school providers and parents

The District committed $1.5 million to this project, which served seven high schools and 8,500 students. PHCD funding supported three new Health and Wellness Coordinator positions responsible for developing and implementing a multi-tiered system of wellness and mental health supports, training for staff, developing wellness activities and interventions, and collecting pertinent data.

Approved Metrics and Progress Reports

We are very proud to report that since the end of the pilot project period, the school district has continued to fund this program. Learn more about the Mental Health Program at San Mateo Union High School District.